Live roulette Language

Live roulette Language

American Wheel

A Roulette wheel with 38 slots numbered 1 to 36 plus 2 zeros, 0 and 00.


A bet placed on all black numbers.

Column Wager

A wager placed on a column of 12 numbers. There are 3 columns on a Live roulette grid.


A French word for the dealer stationed at the Roulette wheel.


A bet on either the initial dozen, 2nd dozen, or third dozen (consecutive) numbers on the wheel.


A bet that any type of even number will certainly win.

European Wheel

A Roulette wheel with 37 slots phoned number 1 to 36, plus one 0.


An outdoors wager situated on the far left side of the grid that covers any number from 19-36 striking.

Inside Bets

A bet on a solitary number or combination of numbers. These would include any kind of bets put on the right side of the Live roulette grid.


An outdoors bet located on the much-left side of the grid that covers any type of number from 1-18 striking.


A bet that any kind of odd number will certainly win.

Outdoors Bets

Any type of bet put on 12 or more numbers. These would certainly consist of bets put on the left side of the Roulette grid, as well as the column bets placed at the end of the grid.


A bet put on all red numbers.


A wager placed on two numbers that are adjacent to each other on the grid.


Placing a bank on the intersecting line in between any kind of 4 numbers.


To put a bank on a single number.

Road Wager

A bank on three surrounding numbers. Place a street bet by putting your wager on the outside line of the row of your picked 3 numbers.

Hard Way Bets

One Roll bets, as the name suggests, are bank on a certain number coming up on the next roll. If the number wager does not turn up on the following roll, the wager is lost.